Addressable RGB SATA Controller (3pin, 5V)

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D-RGB LED専用コントローラー

2個のD-RGB LEDを接続出来ます。

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Compact 3 Pin, 5V addressable RGB controller with SATA power

  • 17 Static Color Modes
  • 54 Dynamic Modes
  • Maximum Current: 2A (1A Per Header)
  • Input: SATA Power (5V)
  • Output: 2 x 3 Pin Addressable RGB Plugs (5V)
  • Compatible with XSPC 3 Pin, 5V Addressable RGB Series Fans
  • Compatible with XSPC 3 Pin, 5V Addressable RGB Hubs


  • Press up button = Next mode
  • Press down button = Previous mode
  • Press centre button = Speed
  • Press up and down together = Demo mode
  • Hold the down button for 3 seconds = Power off

Supplied with two 3 pin RGB needle connectors


Color range and modes are dependent on LED support


This controller is not compatible with XSPC 4Pin, 12V, Hubs or RGB Series fans

このコントローラーは、XSPC 4Pin、12V、ハブ、またはRGBシリーズファンと互換性がありません