D5 Photon 170 aRGB Reservoir V3 (For D5 Pump) Black

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LAING D5用 一体型リザーバー(ポンプ別売り)




Oリングは付属していません、別途O-Ring For D5/D4 Blackが必要です。

Laing / Zylem D5ポンプもしくはBykski B-PMS5-X Pump Body / D5 Compatiblが組み合わせ可能です。

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The new D5 Photon Reservoir/Pump Combo V3 brings back the original Photon looks combined with the all new aRGB Lighting system for the original Laing / Xylem D5 Pump.

新しいD5PhotonReservoir / Pump Combo V3は、元のLaing /XylemD5ポンプ用のまったく新しいaRGB照明システムと組み合わせた元のPhotonの外観を復活させます。

The tube is made from a quality toughened glass, which is both crystal clear and highly resistant to staining.


 The aRGB lighting is now at the back of the reservoir and features a diffuser strip for a more professional look to your build.


Unlike other tube reservoirs, which use cheap plastic brackets, the XSPC Photon has high quality CNC cut aluminium bracket.


The bracket connects to both ends of the reservoir which give a solid hold without blocking the view of the tube.


Photon reservoirs can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. If using the Photon horizontally, make sure to keep the reservoir topped up to the top, or air can get sucked into the loop.

フォトンリザーバーは、水平または垂直に取り付けることができます。 Photonを水平に使用する場合は、リザーバーを上まで補充してください。そうしないと、空気がループに吸い込まれる可能性があります。

Each reservoir/pump combo is hand assembled and pressure tested before sale to ensure reliability.


V3 Photon reservoirs include a new bracket which attaches directly to 120mm and 140mm radiators. It also has an improved fillport with lower restriction, to make filling the reservoir easier.

V3フォトンリザーバーには、120mmおよび140mmのラジエーターに直接接続する新しいブラケットが含まれています。 また、リザーバーへの充填を容易にするために、制限の少ない改良されたフィルポートがあります。

Tube Material: Glass
Cap Material: Acetal
Bracket Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: 205 x 85 x 89mm (Including Bracket)
Capacity: 425ml
Lighting: 10x Individual aRGB bulbs
Ports: 3x G1/4" (2x In, 1x Out)
Individually Pressure Tested

D5 Pump Specification:
Compatible with the Original Xylem/Laing D5 Vario or PWM pump only.

RGB Compatibility:
- All 3Pin 5v Addressable RGB Motherboards, Controllers and Hubs including...
- Asus AURA Sync (3Pin 5v Headers only)
- Gigabyte RGB Fusion (3Pin 5v Headers only)
- MSI Mystic Light Sync (3Pin 5v Headers only)


Do not attempt to plug the 3Pin 5V aRGB cable into anything other than an aRGB 5V Motherboard header pin, Controller or Hub. Each aRGB strip is tested prior to shipping, user damage by misuse is not covered under warranty.

3Pin 5VaRGBケーブルをaRGB5Vマザーボードヘッダーピン、コントローラー、またはハブ以外のものに接続しないでください。 各aRGBストリップは出荷前にテストされており、誤用によるユーザーの損傷は保証の対象外です。

XSPC Photon V3 aRGB D5 Reservoir - Black
Integrated aRGB diffused lighting
Mounting Bracket (Matte Black)
G1/4" Blank Plug (Matte Black)
M20 Fill Cap (Matte Black)
Custom D5 Lock Ring