EK-Loop D-RGB LED Strip - 180mm

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EKの補修用D-RGB LEDストリップ


Replacement individually addressable D-RGB strip for upgrading existing EK products. The strip is 180mm long and can replace standard RGB strips in CPU blocks, monoblocks, reservoirs, and pump-combos. The strip is connected via a 3-pin connector to supported 5V headers that are present on most modern motherboards.

既存のEK製品をアップグレードするための交換用の個別にアドレス指定可能なD-RGBストリップ。 ストリップの長さは180mmで、CPUブロック、モノブロック、リザーバー、およびポンプコンボの標準RGBストリップを置き換えることができます。 ストリップは、3ピンコネクタを介して、最新のマザーボードに存在するサポートされている5Vヘッダーに接続されています。

Technical data:

- Connection type: 3-pin (+5V, D, Blocked, Ground)
- Rated voltage: 5V DC
- Number of LEDs: 11 (60LED/m density)
- Strip length: 180mm
- Strip width: 4mm
- Cable length: 500mm


EK-Quantum Kinetic Tubular pump-reservoir combo units

3831109818381EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 D5 PWM D-RGB - Acetal
3831109818398EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi
3831109818480EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 PWM D-RGB - Acetal
3831109818497EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 300 D5 PWM D-RGB - Plexi
3831109819616EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 160 DDC PWM D-RGB - Acetal
3831109819623EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 160 DDC PWM D-RGB - Plexi
3831109819630EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 120 DDC PWM D-RGB - Acetal
3831109819647EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 120 DDC PWM D-RGB - Plexi
3831109822470EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 D5 Body D-RGB - Acetal
3831109822487EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 200 D5 Body D-RGB - Plexi
3831109822494EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 160 DDC Body D-RGB - Plexi
3831109822500EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 160 DDC Body D-RGB - Acetal
3831109825303EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 120 VTX PWM D-RGB - Plexi
3831109825310EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 120 VTX  PWM D-RGB - Acetal
3831109825327EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 160 VTX  PWM D-RGB - Plexi
3831109825334EK-Quantum Kinetic TBE 160 VTX PWM D-RGB - Acetal


EK-Quantum Momentum Monoblocks

3831109819029EK-Quantum Momentum Aorus X570 Master D-RGB - Plexi
3831109819203EK-Quantum Momentum ROG Crosshair VIII Hero D-RGB - Plexi
3831109819227EK-Quantum Momentum ROG Strix X570-E D-RGB - Plexi
3831109822173EK-Quantum Momentum ROG Strix X299-E Gaming II D-RGB - Plexi
3831109822319EK-Quantum Momentum ROG Rampage VI Encore D-RGB - Plexi
3831109822418EK-Quantum Momentum Aorus X570 Elite D-RGB - Plexi
3831109823965EK-Quantum Momentum ROG Zenith II Extreme D-RGB - Plexi
3831109823972EK-Quantum Momentum TRX40 Aorus Master D-RGB - Plexi
3831109825174EK-Quantum Momentum MSI Z490 Pro Carbon D-RGB - Plexi
3831109825181EK-Quantum Momentum ROG Maximus XII Extreme D-RGB - Plexi
3831109828526EK-Quantum Momentum Aorus Z490 Master D-RGB - Plexi


  • Should not be used with 12V headers as that will damage the diodes, they should be powered exclusively by 5V header.

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