EK-Loop D-RGB Extension Cable (510mm)

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(税抜 547 )
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D-RGB LED(アドレッサブルRGB LED)用延長ケーブル 51cm

Product EAN : 3831109837009


The EK-Loop D-RGB Extension Cable allows users to extend one D-RGB source so that they can build an aesthetically beautiful lighting system. It features standard 3-pin addressable RGB headers and the male-male connector pins are also included in the packaging.

EK-Loop D-RGB延長ケーブルを使用すると、ユーザーは1つのD-RGBソースを延長して、美的に美しい照明システムを構築できます。標準の3ピンアドレス指定可能なRGBヘッダーを備え、オス-オスコネクタピンも含まれています。

The extender cable can be used with any standard 3-pin 5V RGB controller or any popular RGB sync technologies from all major motherboard manufacturers. The arrow marking on the 3-pin LED connector is to be aligned with the +5V marking on the D-RGB header.

エクステンダーケーブルは、標準の3ピン5V RGBコントローラーまたはすべての主要なマザーボードメーカーの一般的なRGB同期テクノロジーで使用できます。3ピンLEDコネクターの矢印マークは、D-RGBヘッダーの+ 5Vマークと位置合わせされます。

Please refer to the motherboard manufacturer manual or D-RGB controller manufacturer manual for LED type compatibility, maximum power load, and maximum allowed LED strip length.


Technical and electrical specifications:

- D-RGB connector classic 3-pin (+5V, Data, Blocked, Ground)
- 3-pin female extender cable
- Maximum total cable length: 510mm +/- 5mm
- Color: Black 


- EK-Loop D-RGB Extension Cable
- 3-pin male-male connector (1 piece)

 Made in China


  • Please refer to motherboard manufacturer manual or RGB controller manufacturer manual for LED type compatibility, maximum power load and maximum allowed LED strip length.
  • The male-male 3-pin connectors are removable from the splitter cable.
  • The extender cable is compatible with every major motherboard manufacturer and mainstream D-RGB controller via the 3-pin header.
  • The RGB extension cable is not compatible with NZXT HUE+ / HUE+ Advanced RGB controllers!

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