EK-FC Terminal X3 (Type II) - Plexi

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Product EAN : 3830046992871

EK-FC Terminal X3 (Type II) - Plexi is a high-quality parallel interconnection for connecting three (3) same type EK Full-Cover water blocks in a single, sturdy unit. Connecting multiple full cover water blocks with such a terminal is an easy and straightforward process.

The Terminal is made of high-quality Acrylic material. There is no need to purchase additional links or fittings since the EK-FC Terminal is mounted directly to the water block. Serial and parallel water flow is graphically explained in the installation manual.

For closing unused ports on either Serial or Parallel terminals, please refer to EK-FC Terminal BLANK Serial or EK-FC Terminal BLANK Parallel based on the type of connection you need to close.

- 1x EK-FC Terminal X3 (Type II) - Plexi
- 2x Plug G1/4
- 1x mounting mechanism (spare Terminal O-ring and spare screw. All other parts are to be reused from the FC Blocks)

For use with motherboards with PCIe x16 slots 60.9 mm (2.4") apart (1st in 2nd card) and 40.6 mm (1.6") (2nd and 3rd card)!


  • Not compatible with EK Vector RTX block terminal cover
  • Do not use excessive force while fastening the terminal to the water block itself!

インストレーションマニュアル (EK-IM-3830046992918.pdf, 1,209 Kb) [ダウンロード]

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